Sebastian Educates his Children Through Cassava Sales

sebastian Kenga

Sebastian is the leader of Maisha Bora Group that makes up the Mali Shambani CBO. He decided to venture into cassava farming because the area was conducive enough only for cassava farming.


He has adopted cassava as a currency and as a mode of payment to those he hires to help on his farm. He is proud of this model since it is through this model that he has sensitized the locals on the financial and nutritional benefits of the crop.


Access to the more productive cassava variety, Tajirika, was among the challenges he had that the intervention dealt with. Him – together with all Mali Shambani members, are attached to Agripina Mumba, who has a demo farm from where he can get quality cuttings.




Sebastian has been able to achieve the following after his group joined Mali Shambani CBO.


    1. He has been able to find a stable market in the CBO. The guaranteed income provides him peace of mind and that despite the late payments, he is sure that he will not suffer losses from the cassava going bad in his stores or at the farm while he waits for market activity to pick up.
    2. He has a wealth of knowledge on cassava and GAP in the CBO. Resources have been easily accessible through the CBO.
    3. He has been able to pay his children’s fees for the entire term in whole through the proceeds of cassava sales to the CBO.


Sebastian is no stranger to challenges.


    1. Price – Not everyone in the market is willing to purchase his cassava at the price he quotes.
    2. Diseases have significantly reduced his yield. As such, his income is also affected by the disease.
    3. Capital for purchasing equipment and pesticides that would be needed to combat the said diseases.

Future Plans

Sebastian envisions the following for himself.


    1. He plans to increase his acreage under cassava to further increase his output and consequently monetary gains. Through this, he can also create employment by soliciting help from his surrounding in return for payment.