JOY Project

The objective of the Integrated Agribusiness Hubs Project – Job Open to the Youth, JOY – is boosting rural youth empowerment and providing decent employment opportunities in Kenya through the placement-to-retain model.

Organized into 3 hubs, the project will accompany 2,500 youth (50% female, 50% male) in the start-up of their enterprises and placement into agribusiness enterprises and companies.


a) Continue Strong Emphasis Placement and Retention.

b) Provide support to youth already placed.

c) Provide support to employers.

d) Develop upscaling packages.

e) Branding and communication.

f) Engagement with professional employer bodies (ASNET, FKE, KNCCI).

Outcome in Numbers

Total Jobs Created
1000 +
Enterprises Accelerated
10 +
Spillover Jobs
Target beneficiaries: 1,250 (875 wage , 375 self)
Donor: IFAD
Partner: ILO, Procasur
Start: August 2021
End: August 2024