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Women groups in form of chamas and merry-go-rounds have over the years proved to be essential for grassroot development. These groups are not limited to women but are rather popular among women as a tool to spread risk ( for business oriented groups) and for financial literacy and independence. We have established a development framework that takes advantage of the tools and resources available to us in order to boost the group’s productivity.

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Approach To Women And Development

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Our development framework has the needs of women in the society drawn out. We facilitate women groups in their quest for development and positive change in their communities. Most of the women groups we empower are deeply rooted in the community and offer a superior path to development in communities by reaching directly to the locals.

These women groups set themselves apart from others through their unique business and entrepreneurial engagements. Their involvement is not limited to a certain niche.

Our framework has revitalized how development is viewed when it comes to women and broadened its definition.

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Capacity Development

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We have empowered over 300 women groups in upscaling their businesses through financial, technical and need-based development through the years. Our approach to women development ensures that the surrounding environment is able to sustain the business enterprise even after financial and other forms of support have been withdrawn. This ensures the sustainability of the enterprise on various levels.

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Financial Literacy

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We have impactfully trained these groups on financial awareness, prudence and independence. These groups are able to successfully access financing and other financial inceptives from government programs in order to run their enterprises. These women are also able to learn more information about savings and investments on a larger scale, risk management and business planning in order to have their affairs in order.

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Technical Know-How

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These women groups also enjoy the technical capacities available to us and our partners. We introduce new and simple technologies to them that are of essence for their operations. The facilitation of such activities is done in close relation to our development partners in order to ensure optimum uptake by the primary beneficiary.

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Group Profiles

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