USTADI FOUNDATION was established in 2010 and registered as a Kenyan organisation in 2012. USTADI is Swahili word for ‘skillful’ and the brand name for the Local Capacity Development Facility in Kenya whose focus is on facilitation of Capacity Development Services (CDS) at the subnational level.

Our organisation was started by the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), International Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS), and twenty-one (21) other local institutions (referred to as the Consortium) involved in facilitating capacity development in Kenya to bring about a ‘coalition of change’ comprising partners from the private sector, civil society, government, commercial organisation, financial service providers and various interest group regarding capacity development.

The organization’s capacity building initiatives aim to empower communities in Kenya, towards sustainable agriculture, enterprise development, food security and nutrition, access to water and sanitation, and climate change adaptation.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in and committed to positive, sustainable development practices that uplift communities and make comprehensive and lasting change.

We believe that strengthening local community capacity is essential to achieving a sustainable positive impact on health, wealth, and nutrition but cannot be achieved without recognizing the creativity, drive, and incredible potential of women and youth to revolutionize such initiatives.


  • SEE the youth and women as key agents of change in their communities and consequently leverage the knowledge, funds, and support of global donors to empower communities to maximize economic, social, and environmental opportunities, thereby reducing poverty at the grassroots.
  • PROVIDE a way for communities to work together for the common good, transforming shared beliefs and hopes into action.
  • GIVE shape to our boldest dreams, highest ideals, and noblest causes!

Guiding Principles

OUR guiding principles serve as our commitment to continue working passionately as reflected in our long standing projects in the fields of sustainable agriculture, enterprise development, food security and nutrition, access to water and sanitation and climate change adaptation.

USTADI FOUNDATION pursues its charitable goals through adherence to the following guiding principles and commitments:

  • We engage in practices that are open and accessible, fair and objective, flexible and timely as we make visible and lasting difference in the community.
  • We act with honesty and integrity as we honor the philanthropic mission of our organization and the spirit of its founders.
  • We are purposeful in our grantmaking and periodically review and evaluate our mission, policies, priorities and practices as we endeavour to support organizations and projects that represent the diversity of people, activities and orgnizations in communities we serve.
  • We are accessible, communicate promptly with donors, grantees, applicants and the public as we build constructive relationships based on mutual respect and confidentiality.
  • We work both internally and externally on mutual respect and in a collaborative fashion where grantees, co-funders and other colleagues are our partners in problem solving.
  • WE are proud of our successes and accomplishments and we believe our best achievements lie ahead.
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