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Agriculture is a major economic activity in Kenya, accounting for roughly 33% of the country’s GDP. The production of cash crops like tea and coffee and other agricultural commodities has been of tremendous boost to the economy contributing to about 40% of total employment. However, the small scale farmer has been left out of most planning and economic empowerment programs. They lack the capacities and technologies, pests and diseases, high costs of pesticides and poor quality seeds are some of the  challenges many scall scale famers experience.

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Our Approach


The state of farming in rural Kenya needs nurturing to improve yields for farmers. This means improving their access to quality seeds and modern technologies. The adoption of farmers into groups that enable them to collectively get access to more incentives and opportunities has been a key driving force to enabling farmers in the rural areas.

Our areas of focus include Eastern, Nyanza and the Coastal regions. Cassava, cashew and fish farming are among the crops we target. We build on existing farmer capacities by providing them with education, technologies and financial empowerment to further enable them.

Value addition is a key aspect of our interventions as we look to maximize the farmers’ ability to create and sustain their business long-term and their ability to adopt to future market developments, as was the case with COVID-19. Our value addition approach links and builds the relationship between market, processors and the farmers themselves – a farmer centered approach to value addition.

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