Kakuyuni Cassava Aggregation Center

Kakuyuni Tunaweza Aggregation Center is a registered CBO established in October 2020, located in Kakuyuni, Kilifi County. It constitutes 13 groups which contributed 7,000 shillings towards the establishment of the cassava aggregation center. This contribution covered the initial purchase of raw materials for the center, registration for the center as a CBO.

The aggregation center relied on members’ own produce for raw material for processing into cassava chips for sale. The establishment of the aggregation center was for farmers are able to find a collective market for their cassava. The market for the centers’ cassava chips was abundant. They received constant offers from individual buyers and companies like Reinman, within their first month of operations.

However, the group was unable to continue operations past March, 2021. The drought experienced in 2020 through 202 meant poor quality yield.

For the period the center was able to run, the center was able to keep track of their inventory, profits and loses through adopting proper record keeping practices taught to them by the project. This practice established to the aggregation center that they were incurring losses. As a remedy to their losses, they saw fit to also diversify into selling flour (both retail and wholesale) in the foreseeable future in order to hedge their profits.

The center is currently projecting to be up and running by October of 2022, citing adequate rains experienced this year.

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