Malanga Cassava Consumer Awareness


Ustadi Has rolled out consumer awareness events across Kilifi County – the latest being in Chamlala Market, Malanga – Malindi sub-county. These events aim at bringing nutritional awareness to the locals on affordable alternatives based on the cassava value chain. The consumer awareness leverages market days for maximum impact. Chamlala, as such, targeted as much as 250 individuals for that specific day.


Approach to Consumer Awareness

Mali Shambani CBO, a beneficiary of the Cassava Project, led the sensitization efforts locals at the market. The group prepared a host of cassava products, which the locals could taste at the exhibition. Among the items included porridge, chapati, mahamri and tea.

There were Q&A session where the locals would get there pressing questions answered by both the Mali Shambani and Ustadi team.


Q&A Session - Malanga Consumer Awareness

 The locals were curious on the health benefits of cassava, especially this festive season. Affordability of items versa vi the benefits were among the standout questions.


Consumer Awareness Activities

The locals were able to try out the different cassava products and carry some with them. A kilo of ‘unga safi’ cassava flour sold for ksh.70, which the locals were more than excited to carry home after a having a taste. They were educated on the different proportions for different products.

Among the things sold, included Mali Shambani’s newest product, Unga Mix, a mix of sorghum and cassava, which was an instant attraction to the locals. The Unga Mix is able to make ugali, chapati and porridge as is.


Unga Mix - Malanga Consumer Awareness


Taste Test

The consumer awareness event allowed individuals have a try of the different cassava products. A shocking entrant was the cassava tea, which was a huge surprise.

“You mean cassava can make tea? In my 60 years, I have never dreamt of such,” said Mr. Yaa as he approached the tent. “This is incredible to see!”

Mr. Yaa

Mr. Yaa - Malanga Consumer Awareness