Aggregation Centres Linkage with Reinman Africa Company

During the month of November 2020, Reinman Africa Company was linked to Mkenge aggregation centre so that Reinman can be purchasing dried cassava from the centres and do milling at KIE Malindi. In order for the process to be a reality, Reinman Africa Company was to support in the construction of extra drying cassava chips places and give more of the drying canvas to ensure the wanted quantity of dried cassava per day is realized by the aggregation centres. The support is yet to be discussed by both parties to ensure each get equal share of the business.

During the month of November 2020, Tru Trade had placed an order of 10 tons of dried cassava chips from farmers of Kilifi County through the Aggregation Centres, but the consignment was not realized on time. By the third week of November 2020, Mkenge Aggregation Centre had 3.3 tons, Gongoni Aggregation Centre had not processed even one kilogram of dried cassava chips, matsangoni had 1.2 tons while Tezo had 700 kgs. This translate to 5.2 tons less 4.8 tons to complete the 10 tons.

In order to realize the 10 tons, other processing points were approached. These points included;

  1. Mkombozi Women Group of Marafa who owns a solar drier and chipping machine
  2. Frida Mganga – seed entrepreneur of Magarini ward who owns a small solar drier with hand driven cassava chipper.
  3. Remas Jaliwa – seed entrepreneur of Kakuyuni ward who was to hire mkenge cassava chipper and process cassava chippers
  4. Songa Mbele Women Group of Arabuko who owns cassava chipper and small solar drier. The group intends to hire the chipper at Ksh 200 per day to any willing cassava farmer who want to process dried cassava chips.

So far Mkombozi women group have a total of 325 kgs of dried cassava chips, Frida Mganga have a total of 500 kgs of dried cassava. 

The above two entities are processing and will increase the consignment in the month of December 2020.