The involvement of youth in entrepreneurship and agribusiness has been on the rise as most youth search for alternative sources of income. The current unemployment numbers indicate that the youth account for 80% of the total unemployment.

The agricultural sector accounts for 30% of the GDP and an additional 27% indirect employment, making it a prime sector to stimulate the economy.  The economic transformation will be achieved through upscaling small scale agriculture to innovative and commercially oriented modern agriculture from the current subsistence focus.

The abundance of the youthful innovation has propelled the growth of youth groups who come together in order to shelf costs and get better access to various resources, including financial resources. The problem of access has led to many youth groups’ dissolution, an impact both to self and community.

We empower the budding and established groups through their business ventures, providing easy access to resources and information. The local youth groups offer unique solutions to the real problems in their respective communities, from job security to trickle-down effects such as food security.


Facilitation And Implementation


Depending on the nature of the group, workshops integrated with activities aimed at making the groups efficient and more responsive to the various market actors will be conducted. The facilitation and dissemination of such activities and information will be conducted by certified, knowledgeable individuals and partner organizations.



The groups are intensely trained on their area of specialty, providing them support, offering new solutions for better output and result.


We have empowered many youth groups all across our target areas with some groups developing their ventures further than just their target areas. The growth of these groups is an indirect sign of the groups tireless zill and use of information.



A direct result of our efforts with the youth has been an increase in job opportunities and creation attributed to the growth of these groups. Their leadership is also as important. Coordination between the groups leadership and Ustadi (together with its partners) is crucial. The trainings also cover leadership and group dynamics in order to cover the basic framework of a successful group. The benefit of such training is a streamlined operations directly increasing a groups’ productivity.

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