The SME sector in the country has been rapidly growing since the 2000’s. The impact of the sector cannot be ignored as many small business in this sector create employment, especially for the youth. At Ustadi, we invest in the sector that is not only preferred by the youth but also one that has shown great potential when it comes to changing lives today and in the future.


The nature of our programs aims to boost productivity and yields through empowering the farmers with the necessary education, information, tools and training in areas we have assessed and identified as having potential for improvement. We work close with farmers to ensure that the information is as practical as possible.


Poor sanitation and the shortage of clean water has been a paramount issue in the country, especially parts of the coastal region. Ustadi has made it a paramount priority to ensure the sensitization of the locals on the need of hygiene observation, ensure the availability of clean water and proper health guidelines are followed to ensure quality health of the locals.


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Strategizing and implementation of our projects is done closely alongside our development partners with transparency at the core of every process.

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We have secured enough funding for all phases of our projects, ensuring effortless progress and timely completion.

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Our projects have collectively created over 5,000 jobs for women and youth across our areas of focus.

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We have educated an estimated 3,00 farmers to date, directly and indirectly. A survey conducted showed that most farmers shared their knowledge with others.


Despite the efforts by both the National government, through the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), and the county government through the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) and other Private Service Providers (PSPs), the waste management problem in the city has not had a major improvement.

Approximately 150 acres of member’s land is targeted for the next planting season so as to ensure a sustainable supply of cassava.

The objective of the Integrated Agribusiness Hubs Project – Job Open to the Youth, JOY – is boosting rural youth empowerment and providing decent employment opportunities in Kenya.

Umoja Self-Help Group, a beneficiary of the Agrifi Fish Project under Ustadi …

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Success Stories

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