Shibe Delta Hatchery Establishment

Shibe Delta Hatchery Establishment

The AgriFi Fish Project has achieved a significant milestone with the successful establishment of a freshwater hatchery at the Shibe Delta Self-Help Group. The hatxchery, backstopped by the Fisheries Department and KMFRI (Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute), promises to significantly enhance food security and catalyze economic growth within the local community.

Empowering Local Farmers through Affordability

The hatchery prioritizes small-scale farmers and project beneficiaries within Kilifi County as the primary target population for fingerling sales. By offering subsidized fingerlings, Shibe Delta SHG ensures affordability, fostering widespread fish farming adoption of KALRO researched tilapia. This empowers individuals and families, creating sustainable protein sources and income generation opportunities, ultimately contributing to poverty alleviation and improved living standards.

Addressing Nutritional Deficiencies

Tilapia and catfish are recognized for their abundance of essential nutrients, including protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and vital minerals. Widespread fish farming, fueled by accessible fingerlings, tackles malnutrition in children and pregnant women, leading to healthier communities.

Stimulating Economic Growth

The Shibe Delta SHG’s income from hatchery operations can be strategically reinvested in hatchery expansion and local development projects. Additionally, the influx of fish farming activities by beneficiaries and local farmers creates demand for inputs like feed and equipment. This stimulates local businesses and fostering job creation. This economic ripple effect contributes to a more vibrant Kilifi County.

Projecting Sustainable Success

With 17 ponds prepared for stocking, Shibe Delta SHG has the potential to produce a significant volume of fingerlings for sale and for their own stocking needs. Depend on fingerling production volume, conservative estimates suggest that initial sales at subsidized prices could generate substantial revenue. This income can be reinvested in hatchery expansion, supporting more beneficiaries and solidifying the group’s impact.

Documented Establishment of the Shibe Delta Hatchery

Shibe Delta SHG’s freshwater hatchery serves as a model for sustainable aquaculture development, empowering communities, enhancing food security, and driving economic growth in Kilifi County.