Solar-Dryer to Boost Quality Flour Production – Matsangoni Aggregation Center

The Matsangoni Aggregation Center has received a solar-dryer in place to help boost their productivity. The dryer has 64 beds in total with a combined drying capacity of 3 tons in 2 days. The center looks forward to improving the quality of their cassava chips and flour overall.

solar dryer view
Solar Dryer

“We’re now looking to boost our flour production from the current 0.5 tones to a maximum of 2 tones in the next season.”

Grace – Center Chairperson
solar dryer - internal
Drying beds

The center looks to sustain its cassava production through the members farms alongside other local farmers. Approximately 150 acres of member’s land is targeted for the next planting season so as to ensure a sustainable supply of cassava. Rotation of farms will also play a key role in ensuring this.

The center also aims to diversify its products to include spice made from cassava starch, a possibility they came to thanks to the solar-dryer.

Cassava starch
Starch extract from cassava