Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

The involvement of youth in entrepreneurship has been on the rise as most youth search for alternative sources of income. Their interests are also educated by their immediate surrounding where a group of youth identifies solutions to the issues within the community be it food security or employment creation.

These groups are involved in different areas, from aquaponics to cereals production. Despite the vast spectrum with which these groups are established, they all aim at creating and improving existing opportunities for the youth.

Facilitation And Implementation

Entrepreneurship could be a taxing venture as requirements such as licensing and various other business needs may arise. The youths’ solution has been to come together in groups in order to cut costs in a common interest venture. These groups are performance oriented with some groups expanding past their area of inception to serve bigger markets.

We facilitate the groups through their various ventures, providing financial, technical and capacity development in order to upscale these ventures. Our large network of partners provide a backstop to cushion the youth groups in the challenges they may face during project implementation and upscaling.

Youth being educated on farming

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