Financial Awareness And Group Dynamics Training: EMAJIC

Financial Awareness And Group Dynamics Training: EMAJIC

A total of 700 women and youth selected from the pool of women and youth groups identified by ChildFund Kenya are undergoing training on a number of activities.

The training is geared towards enhancing the entrepreneurial roots of the members drawn from the different groups, and the groups as a whole. The training is also aimed at enhancing sustainability, communication and teamwork among the various groups.

An additional 105 individuals (3 (three) from each group) will be trained on improving their capacities.

Expectations And Outcomes

The groups are expected to choose amongst themselves the individuals that will represent them for both activities. The groups will organize and mobilize themselves to ensure facilitation of the activities are up to expectations.

Our staff, who are also part of the training exercise, will be enabled to ensure that the activities are conducted in a timely manner and of quality output.

The activity will take place over a period of 2 (two) weeks and will also give an opportunity for the youth and women to explore their entrepreneurial capabilities through teamwork and brainstorming.

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