Training Of Seed Entrepreneurs

Training Of Seed Entrepreneurs

Seed multiplication is essential in order to ensure quality and timely yields to the farmers. The 300 (three hundred) farmers mobilized from Kilifi Sub-Counties were earnest in getting to know the benefits of the different methods of production they would use on their farms, guided by the Cassava Quality Management Protocol (QMP), developed by KALRO. The farmers also received training on the Rapid Stem Multiplication technique on top of the already versatile QMP.

Rapid Stem Multiplication Technique

The low multiplication ratio of cassava necessitates the development and use of better farming technologies, methods varieties in order to boost production/yields through increased planting material.

The farmers were introduced to the rapid stem technique which can be used on the native cassava varieties in Kilifi, prompting increased yields, attributed to a more disease and pest resistant variety.

Apart from the QMP and stem techniques, our targeted farmers were also trained on soil fertility, field management, pests and disease control, harvesting and post-harvesting handling, processing and storage. The farmers were also able to get their opinions heard at the Q&A session, giving them a chance to get answers they have been waiting for.

Pest And Disease Control

The farmers were also made aware of some common cassava pests including the cassava green mite, the mosaic disease and the cassava brown streak disease. Different mitigation measures, including the use of environmentally friendly and affordable pesticides, the use of disease-resistant varieties among others.

Harvesting and Post-Harvesting Methods

It is just as important for the farmers to be aware of he appropriate harvesting and post-handling methods in order to maintain the quality of the harvest as it is to learn about cassava farming methods. The farmers were involved in a brainstorming session where they tried to find out the best handling methods for them. They were also able to improve their training knowledge on the

Processing And Storage

The farmers were enlightened on new methods of processing and storage that would dramatically improve their yield quality despite the period of harvesting. New storage methods were introduced to farmers to carter to their storage requirements.

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