Farmer Sensitization

Farmer Sensitization

Farming, as a major economic activity in the country, is huddled with issues – especially lack of resources. Lack of information is especially a problem in the rural areas. Our sensitization approach is aimed at increasing Food production and ensure food prices do not impact the less fortunate.

Ustadi has independently developed a framework for which farmers are educated and brought to breast with the happenings of the scientific world.

We provide facilitate farmers through out a set project period. A hive of activities take place through this time, from sensitization of the farmers themselves to Q&A sessions where farmers are able to steer the conversation on issues that are a priority to them.

Cereals Farming

Most of the groups of farmers we facilitate through our projects are involved in cereals and grains farming. These groups’ produce are for sale to the locals even though some have ballooned in production size and ventured to other areas.

Makueni Show, farmer showcase

Famers are able to learn of issue-specific remedies to their problems in order to boost their yields.

Cassava Farming

Cassava is one of the most dominant crop in the coastal region of the country. Locals are mostly attracted to the crop due to its cheap cost of production and famine resitance. They are however riddled with low yields attributed to the poor soils and pests. We facilitate farmers through the production and proper farming methods of cassava, in order to boost their yields.

Farmers have managed to increase yields through our facilitation with some producing for subsistence compared to small scale before their induction.

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