The Afya Pwani WaSH Project

The county of Kilifi has been experiencing drought for the better part of last year and this year. The impact has been felt across the country, especially the remote areas – the Northern part of Kilifi. The project proved fertile with the expertise and capabilities at both Ustadi and Pathfinder.

The project, an almost 2 year project for water safety for the locals, is in its last strides now. Mobilization of the locals has been an easy process and the teams at both USTADI and Pathfinder are more than appreciative.

The local youth welcomed the proposal at the baraza hosted by Mr. Jumwa.

Project scope

With an almost 2 years of the project on going, the original scale was adjusted to accommodate the areas of Matsangoni, with the help of the local chief, H.E Mr. Jumwa. The initial plans were also adjusted and the grantee and support adjusted as per required. This was as a result of reserve funds and an almost nearby termination period for the project.

The local area lacked sufficient clean water sources despite just being off a major highway, Kilifi – Malindi highway. The local chief welcomed the scopping and analysis team with utmost pleasure.

“We are already appreciative of the project. Shukran team USTADI. Mungu awabariki sana“.

Chief Jumwa

The overall scope of the project has thus included an extra 80 (eighty) boreholes. With the project termination nearing, the project is on schedule.

Project Impact

Water scarcity is still affecting one sixth of Earth’s population. African Children in developing countries suffer most from this problem, that causes malnutrition and health problems.

” The project has been successful and impactful beyond our expectations. As we near termination of the project in the next few weeks, we look forward to taking the lessons learnt here to the next development project with our partners at Pathfinder”, declared George Mazuri.

The projects’ lifecycle has also created over 100 jobs for the locals across the map. The project support is set for a few days from the date of publication and entire projects handed over to the respective local communities.

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