Uwezo Awareness Organization Success Story

Singing their way out of poverty

Having lived in poverty, one would think their songs would shy away from the life they would want to forget—that of struggle. But not for Ali Roba, 25 and Anthony Kigeria, 24. The artists from Kariobangi choose to sing some of the struggles their peers go through in the slums to create awareness.


GINX, as they are called, was spotted by UWEZO when scouting for talented youths in the slums to nurture their talent and transform their talents into a business enterprise. “We had no mentor, no money and our music was of poor quality because of the kind of studios we could afford.Without a market for our songs we were going nowhere”, says Ali.


The duo were among the 30 youths who were selected and trained by UWEZO on business and attached to mentors. “We have come from far because our music was all for fun and not for business,” says Anthony.

Since being trained, the group’s fortunes have changed. They won the KOCH Music Festival Award organized by KOCH FM, a radio station serving the populous Kariobangi slums.

“We have realized that music can get us out of poverty,”says Ali referring to the cash award that they were given after their starling performance and their CDs which they were able to sell.


But the KOCH Music Festival was just the beginning. They now have a fun base and have been organizing performance shows where they will be paid for sustainability.


Earning livelihood from our performance was never a dream the duo ever dreamed of. “The training, mentorship and exposure that we have been given has changed our fortune,” says Ali adding that, “We would like to give back to our society. Many of our friends are now looking at us because they know where we came from and we would like them to earn a living from their talents and never go to crime,” says Ali.

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Uwezo Awareness Organization Success Story

Uwezo Awareness Organization Success Story

Uwezo Awareness Organization Success Story