Pamoja Women Group Success Story

Traditional feeds and training boosts women group’s chick production

When Pamoja Women’s group decided to venture into poultry farming to improve the well-being of the young women group members, they expected that it will be a smooth ride. But no sooner had they started the farming than reality downed on them that it was no mean task to rear poultry.


“When we started, we had a number of short comings ranging from high cost of feeds, sickness and low egg production. USTADI accepted to help us boost the business, says Project Manager Letecia Narotso.


USTADI came into the picture as the group struggled with the poultry business and trained the members on entrepreneurship.

Beneficiaries were also mentored on poultry keeping and assisted to buy an incubator and feed-making machine. “USTADI has moved us notch higher,” says Zackayo


Kubasu, the coordinator of the project. “Once we went through the training, we expanded our business and created a demand for our products.”


The training encouraged the group to be innovative. “We invest in a feed producing machine. We are now able to produce our own feeds using locally available materials. This has brought down the cost of feeds to almost half from from Ksh 45 per kilo to Ksh 22 per kilo. Our problem is no longerproduction but meeting the market demand,” says Narotso.


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Pamoja Women Group Success Story

Pamoja Women Group Success Story

Pamoja Women Group Success Story