Improving Performance of Rural Enterprises

USTADI’s role was Grants Administration as well as implementation of the local capacity development (LCD) initiative with partners.


SNV considers Capacity Development (CD) as an important factor in eradication poverty at a local, regional and international level. At the local level, there is unmet demand for CD, which can enable actors meet their direct needs and aspirations. The best solution to this was to tailor the CD to meet specific needs. The development and elaboration of sub-national market environments furthers poverty reduction, gainful livelihoods, personal and community well-being.


USTADI responded to systemic bottlenecks in the CDS environment in Kenya in terms of access, quality, and standards at the rural level. USTADI empowered communities through optimally functional local capacity development markets.


USTADI enabled rural businesses; non-profit organizations and local governments to build their skills and better serve their markets or clients. The organization stimulates demand and supports the delivery of quality services and effective investment in rural regions by engaging with rural people and organizations and providing them with access to business and professional services.

The organization stimulated information exchange through market platforms and events that build networks and strengthen relationships in rural regions. It also supported the development of standards and accreditation for technical, business and professional services targeting the needs of rural people or their organizations as well as promotes financial support for local actors to purchase services that build their skills and knowledge or grow their business.


USTADI did the following;

  1. Implemented the Local Capacity Development Facility (LCDF) activities and ensure that it took place in conformity with all national laws and regulations.
  2. Ensured that LCDF funds were used only for LCDF activities in accordance with the approved work plan and budget.
  3. Facilitated SNV in carrying out reviews and monitoring visits to assess the LCDF implementation.
  4. All other relevant activities in grant administration.


Since 2011, USTADI issued and facilitated the implementation of over 46 grants using the support of 6 host partners in various regions such as Eastern, Western and Rift Valley. The 44 of them had been completed and successfully closed by the end of December 2014.

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