Climate Change Adaptation

Project: Kilifi Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Project (Climate Smart Agriculture)

The Climate-smart Agriculture (CSA) project provides services to enhance agricultural productivity through building resilience to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. The CSA project focused its activities on knowledge & skill development through capacity building process, and then commenced to support farmers groups to conduct field demos to showcase climate resilience agriculture production system.


The objective was to improve food security and enhance income of the farmers through creating awareness of farming communities in climate change through capacity building, demonstrations and field-applications of adaptation technologies and other measures. USTADI and Mulangaza (our local partner) organized for a launch of the project by the County Minister for agriculture together with identified NSAs from all the targeted four sub counties.

USTADI and Mulangaza jointly carried out sensitization meetings and workshops for the non-state actors (NSAs) on their role in advocating for climate change policies in Kilifi. The result was the formation of a NSA network for effective collaborative partnerships in Kilifi County. The network through its committee was able to identify the gaps for agenda setting as well as outlined the terms of engagement. We also conducted orientation workshop for resource persons and extension officers on some of the dry land farming technologies such as bakard establishment, drip irrigation, multi-storey sunken bed establishment, zai-pits farming, double digging, mulching, and drought tolerant crops such as cassava, beans, green grams and cow peas.


During the sensitization meetings, we recruited 100 farmer groups for further engagement; 2 farmers were picked from each of the 100 farmer groups to be trained as future trainers (TOT); this produced a total of 200 TOTs from all the four sub counties. Areas that were covered during the training include CSA technologies such as Zai-pits farming, double digging, mulching, drip irrigation and intercropping

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Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation