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USTADI Foundation (popularly referred to as USTADI) is a registered Kenyan organization. USTADI is Swahili word for ‘skilful’ and the brand name for the Local Capacity Development Facility in Kenya whose focus is on facilitation of Capacity Development Services (CDS) at the sub national level.

Success Stories

Below are some of the stories of individuals, families and communities whose lives have been transformed through the tireless and selfless work of our network and nonprofit partners.

Uwezo Awareness Org.

Singing their way out of poverty. Having lived in poverty, one would think their songs would shy away from the life they would want to forget that of struggle. But not for Ali Roba, 25 and Anthony Kigeria, 24. The artists from Kariobangi choose to sing some of the struggles their peers go through in the slums to create awareness.

Pamoja Women Group

When Pamoja Womens group decided to venture into poultry farming to improve the well-being of the young women group members, they expected that it will be a smooth ride. But no sooner had they started the farming than reality downed on them that it was no mean task to rear poultry.

WEYO Success Story

My income from poultry has increased and I can use the money to pay my school fees.Twenty two-year-old Evaline Ongore has been involved in small-scale chicken rearing as a hobby but without any skills. The returns were dismal and frustrating since she needed to make money to supplement the horticulture farming she was involved in to help pay her school fees.

Project Satisfaction

Partners & Projects

USTADI Foundation appreciates funders and devoted partners who make our work possible. We openly acknowledge their belief and support.

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