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About Us

USTADI was established in 2010 and the foundation registered in 2012. The organization's capacity building initiatives aims to empower communities in Kenya, towards sustainable agriculture, enterprise development, food security and nutrition, access to water and sanitation and climate change adaptation. We believe that strengthening local community capacity is essential to achieving a sustainable positive impact on health, wealth and nutrition but cannot be achieved without recognizing the creativity, drive, and incredible potential of women and youth to revolutionize such initiatives.

“Community capacity building is about promoting the ‘capacity’ of local communities to develop, implement and sustain their own solutions to problems in a way that helps them shape and exercise control over their physical, social, economic and cultural environments”

USTADI Overall Goal

The overall goal of USTADI remains: To develop, replicate and commercialise a vibrant USTADI capacity development model for improved and sustainable livelihoods particularly in the urban and rural areas of Kenya, hence the USTADI slogan ‘Empower-Connect-Prosper’

Our Mission

To promote transformation and growth of youth and women enterprises and their related institutions, in Food Security and Nutrition, WaSH and the SME sectors, by stimulating demand driven professional capacity development, investments, innovative financing and market systems development to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development to target communities.


Vibrant and self-sustaining markets delivering improved income and livelihoods for rural communities

Core Values


Quality (Excellence)

Uniting (connect)



Board Of Directors

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George Humphrey Kajimba

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Officer
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George Mazuri Yaa

CEO & Secretary of the Board
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Daniel Chai Baya

Member, Programs committee
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Dr.Anthony Getambu

Member, Programs: OD&HR committee
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Rahab Ngumba Njoroge

Chairperson, Program Committee
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Dr. Lusike Wasilwa

Chairperson, Program Committee

Staff Members

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George Mazuri Yaa

Chief Executive Officer
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Lilian Mabonga

Business Development Services Manager
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Elizabeth Musa

Personal Assistant to the CEO

Ustadi Pillars

The USTADI strategy revolves around three pillars that are complementary to each other as outlined below.

1CDS (Skills) Market facilitation Pillar

This is a platform for creating linkages, brokering and networking among actors. USTADI empowers rural entrepreneurs (mostly youth and women) including CSOs by connecting them with professional (CD) service providers in a targeted and demand driven market environment for prosperity hence the slogan “Empower – Connect – Prosper”. This is complemented by an online platform www.prexkenya.com.

2CDS Financing Mechanism Pillar

This pillar facilitates re-orientation of existing financing streams as well as developing sustainable financing mechanisms to support CDS. USTADIstimulates and supports the use of professional skills (CD), by rural entrepreneurs by cost- sharing the initial cost of professional CD services required.

3National Learning and Advocacy Pillar

This is a learning platform for consolidation of evidence, quality enhancement and policy dialogue on CDS. USTADI support SPs to provide quality services by working with relevant institutions that facilitate standards setting and accreditation. In addition USTADI arranges for knowledge sharing events based on generated evidence.


PREX Kenya is an online tendering and procurement portal where professional service providers and users interact to find opportunities, initiate and establish business relationships. The portal is designed for businesses, collaborators and other international, national and local development actors to access information and services for policy, economic, social, technical, institutional, environment and gender development. The portal seeks to promote targeted business interactions between players in different sectors..

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